Our Services

We strive to provide the highest level of patient care. As our patient, you are our first priority. Our goal is to treat each patient as an individual, truly listen to their concerns and to consistently provide excellent care. We strive to be the healthcare provider that you not only look forward to visiting but whom you also feel confident referring to your friends and family. The following is just some of the many services that we offer.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

It is our practice to exhaust every appropriate treatment optionc before considering surgery. If surgery becomes the right choice for you, our surgeons are trained to effectively correct the problem. Our team of specialists is well versed in: injuries of the foot and ankle, complex fracture care, custom casting and splinting, and reconstructive surgery related to trauma.

Wound Care Resolution

If you suffer from open sores or non-healing wounds on your foot or leg, you need regular medical care from a physician who has specialized in foot and ankle treatment. There are several potential causes of a wound or ulcer on the lower extremities. Our team of specialists will determine the reason this lesion developed and will design a specific treatment plan based on its cause. Often times the diagnosis may require further studies, including non-invasive vascular workup, biopsy, wound culture and blood work, which can all be performed in our office. We also work with other specialists in resolving these sometimes difficult problems.

Generalized Pain & Skin Disorders

There are many different skin-related problems which can manifest painfully on the foot. For example, ingrown toenails can be extremely painful and troublesome for patients. Complications from an ingrown toenail can include continued pain and soft tissue infection. Plantar warts are another skin-related condition which can start as a minor discomfort and lead to a painful foot. Our services include minor in-office procedures to treat skin disorders. We use a gentle and thorough approach to treat these problems with modern, advanced therapies.

Sports Injuries and Pain

Active and health-conscious people rely on their feet to get the best out of life. Sports-related injuries such as sprains or fractures can be debilitating. We examine all options, both surgical and non-surgical so you can choose the best recovery plan for your lifestyle. In the long run, if surgery is required, we have advanced techniques such as arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction and cartilage repair technologies to get you up and running. If the injury is chronic in nature it may be related to arthritis or deformity and reconstructive surgery may be warranted.

Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis

There are several potential causes of heel pain. Our trained foot and ankle physicians will perform a thorough exam which may include x-rays and advanced imaging such as MRI or CT scan. Heel pain may be due to plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, arthritis, stress fracture or nerve irritation. Treatment options may range from physical therapy, cortisone injections, night splints and custom orthotics

Foot and Ankle Orthotics

A common foot complaint is generalized foot pain or a sense of instability. Our services include custom orthotics and bracing. Expertise in foot and ankle biomechanics is essential when prescribing and fitting custom orthotics. Our unique training makes us the best choice for custom orthotic management.

Pediatric Foot Problems

Children may present with various foot complaints. Parents often bring their child to our clinic stating that their child trips often or complains of general fatigue while walking. We will perform a full gait analysis and biomechanical exam before deciding on the best treatment for their condition. Often we see flat feet (pes planus) or walking ‘pigeon-toed’ (intoeing) that may be medically managed with custom orthotics.


A common foot complaint is burning, tingling and numbness in the toes, which may or may not be related to exercise, shoe gear, or an underlying condition. Our foot and ankle specialists will obtain a thorough history and examine your foot. Conservative management may include padding, icing and shoe modification. For more chronic conditions, injection therapy or surgical intervention may be needed.

Diabetic Foot

Diabetics are at risk for serious and sometimes life-threatening foot problems. If you are diabetic, the best way to prevent these complications is to receive regular foot exams from a physician who specializes in the foot and ankle. Our physicians are trained in prevention and also treatment of these potential complications. Diabetics with neuropathy can develop sores and cuts that they may be unaware of due to the lack of feeling in their feet. If left untreated, these minor sores can lead to ulceration and possibly even amputation. We have the experience and expertise to treat these sometimes difficult problems. We are a Medicare-approved diabetic shoe supplier. Our physicians prescribe, fit and dispense shoes appropriate for the diabetic foot. We can also supply accommodative shoes for difficult-to-fit feet.